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On the streets of Chatuchak market

Ultimate Guide to shopping in Bangkok 

Bangkok is a shopaholics’ paradise. You can always find something interesting to shop for people of any age group. I shopped for my entire family which included my newborn niece. In Bangkok, you can buy things that you didn’t know existed before. My guide to shopping in Bangkok is something every shopaholic would need, when in Bangkok.


Thailand offers a wide range of shopping experience, be it a bustling street market or a luxurious mall. People from all walks of their life will always find something of their interest to shop. In this blog post I am listing down some of my preferred go to shopping places in Bangkok.  

MBK Centre (Ma Boon Khrong Center) 

MBK Centre in Bangkok is amongst the most famous places for shopping for both local and international tourists. If you are very good at bargaining, then this is the place for you. This is said to be the oldest mall in Bangkok but still relevant to the current trends. The mall is fully air conditioned and houses about 2500 stores.  

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Do you want to store your luggage? 

In case you have checked out from your hotel or you have too many things that you have bought and need some service to store or transfer your luggage then you should go to Airpotels on 6th floor, Zone B of MBK, next to MBK Food Court Food Island.  

They store your luggage for free for 2 hours and transport your luggage to the airport or your hotel at a very reasonable charge.  

What to buy?

Brand replica clothing, electronics, fashion accessories, leather products and souvenirs.

To reach: Take BTS Sky Train (Green line – National Stadium) 
Timing: 10 am to 10 pm

Platinum Fashion Mall

If you are in Pratunam for shopping, then you might not want to miss the Platinum Fashion Mall. Platinum fashion mall is one of the largest wholesale shopping centres. This mall is fully air conditioned, and I shopped to my heart’s content. I noticed that if you buy any product in more quantity then they were willing to reduce the price considerably.

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What to buy? 

Women fashion clothing, accessories, kids clothing, toys, shoes, stationery items, food

To reach: The mall is 1.5 km from Phaya Thai BTS Station. You can either choose to walk or board a taxi. 
Timing: 10 am to 6 pm

Pratunam market

The market was very close to the mall, and it had narrow streets with multiple road side stalls. They were willing to sell the goods at a discounted price when we buy more than 3 pieces of an item. You can find everything that you want here, and the price was even cheaper when compared to the Platinum Fashion Mall.

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The market is open for 23 hours under the name of Pratunam morning, day and night markets.

To reach: The mall is 1.5 km from Phaya Thai BTS Station. You can either choose to walk or board a taxi.
Timing: 4 am (Day 1) to 3 am (Day 2)

Chatuchak weekend market

My most favorite out of the lot was Chatuchak. Chatuchak weekend market is Thailand’s biggest market with 8000+ stalls. Anyone can get lost at Chatuchak. You can spend a day in this market and still would not be able to explore it fully.  

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This market has everything that you would want to buy or think ogf buying. It has clothes for men, women, children, all types of bags, all types of women and kid accessories, hats, footwear, little souvenirs, snacks, food, medicines, leather accessories, natural soaps, tea, coffee, toys, kitchen essentials, craft items and much more. 

Chatuchak map

To reach: The market is a 5 min walk from both Mo Chit BTS Station and Chatuchak Park MRT Station.
Timing: 9 am to 6 pm (market is open fully only on weekends)


If you think of luxury shopping where you can buy goods from authentic brands, then ICON SIAM is where you would want to first visit. The mall is next to Chao Phraya river. If you would want to taste cuisines from across the world then again this should be your go to place.  


To reach: There are free river shuttles from Saphan Taksin BTS station which will drop you directly at ICONSIAM. There are also free buses from Krung Thon Buri BTS Station to the mall. 

Timing: 10 am to 10 pm

Important notes for shopping 

  • Have enough cash while shopping. Unless the store sells a product with its tagged price, it will be difficult to swipe your debit/credit card anywhere.  
  • Learn basic Thai to communicate with people. Few can speak in manageable English but still it is better to learn the below when you are out for shopping 
    How much?  – Thao Rai? 
    Discount – Loht 
    Yes – Dai 
    No – Mai 

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