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Visit to Bangkok’s Husky Café – Truelove at Neverland 

If you are a dog lover and if you are visiting Thailand then this should be one of the offbeat activities that you should engage in. I am not a dog lover myself and in fact I always try to stay away from dogs, but on the other hand my husband loves dogs. I wanted to surprise him by getting him to hug gorgeous Huskies and that’s how we landed at a Siberian Husky Café in Bangkok called Truelove at Neverland.  

How to book tickets? 

Getting tickets to this café is on first come first serve basis. You might have to reach the place at least 45 mins to an hour before the entry time for you to stand in queue and reserve a slot. 

There are 2 slots in a day. The first one at 12 pm and second one at 3 pm. After 30-40 mins of entering, you will be allowed to play with the dogs for almost an hour.  

Note: Children under 15 weren’t allowed inside. 

Entrance to the cafe

Did I go on time? 

No, I wasn’t aware of the time slots there and it didn’t occur to me to check the slots before I visited. I assumed it to be a regular café with huskies roaming around. To our surprise the day we went they decided to open one more slot at 5.30 pm. We felt so blessed and fortunate for that opportunity.  

What’s the ticket price? 

The cost of a ticket is 500 Baht. We get to order a drink, a water bottle and disposable shoes. 

Since ours was a special case, we were asked to pay only 350 Baht for a ticket. 
Note: They accepted only cash. 

How did we commute? 

We took the metro till the station ‘Ari’ and from there we walked for 1.6 km. 

What to do at the café? 

The sole purpose of your visit would be to play with the gorgeous Huskies. The café has husky toys, cakes and drinks as well for which you will have to pay extra.  

As soon as you enter the café there are 2 different seatings that you will observe. One outside and one inside. They ask you to choose your drink and while you are having it in 30 mins they will show you a video of their dogs. It was a very funny video introducing us to the Dos’ and Don’ts in the play area. I felt that was a very important video for anyone to get an idea of how to behave with the Huskies. 

Seating arrangement

Are the dogs healthy? 

The dogs are very well maintained. They are very well fed, trained, playful and happy. We were introduced to dogs in batches on 2. Majority of them are Siberian Huskies but there are few other fluffy dogs as well along with them.  

The HUSKY Experience 

When it was time, the Huskies were released into the play area. We wore our disposable shoes, washed our hands with soap and entered the play area. When all the Huskies were released into the play area they were in excited state and in few minutes their excitement died down. They found their spots to lie down wherever there was air conditioning. Few Huskies were in excited state for a very long time. 

‘Me’ keeping my distance with the dog 😛

We were asked to not hug the dogs and wait for them to come to us. Still many weren’t able to control their urge to not hug the friendly fluffy gorgeous creatures roaming around.  

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When it was time for the first batch of dogs to rest, another batch of them were released into the play area. 

The Photograph 

Once the play time was over, we were given an opportunity to click a group picture with the Huskies which were trained to give poses. Though I was scared the moment they put their legs on me I felt their softness cool my anxiousness down. 

Group photo 😀

If you are a dog lover who loves to do something different from the usual in Bangkok, then I would suggest you pay a visit to the Bangkok’s Husky Cafe Truelove at Neverland. 

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