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Skandagiri – Sunrise Trek Near Bangalore

Skandagiri is one among the many short trekking spots and weekend getaways around Bangalore which is at about 70 kms from the Bangalore city. It takes half a day for the trek including the to and fro journey from Bangalore. It is fun to go with a group of friends for the sunrise trek (4 am) or the regular trek (6 – 8 am).
Altitude: 1450 feet

Skandagiri sunrise
Sunrise at Skandagiri

How to book?

There are many sites that offer booking for Skandagiri but I preferred the Karnataka Forest Department’s exclusive site called myecotrip for booking my tickets which included the trek cost, forest entry permission and guide charges.
Weekday trek slots: 40
Weekend/Government Holidays trek slots: 150
Ticket cost: Rs.250+taxes

NOTE: Guides may or may not always accompany you when you book through myecotrip but from my experience there is no way you can get lost in Skandagiri. You will easily find the way to the peak.

There are sites like Eventshigh and Thrillophilia which even take care of the to and fro journey from Bangalore including breakfast but at a comparatively higher cost.

How to reach the trek point?

I started from Marathahalli at 2 am with my friends and by the time I reached the trek start point it was 3.45 am. If you have not booked for transport on the sites that I mentioned above, then you will have to make plans on how to reach the trek start point before 4 am. I’d suggest you rent bikes and ride the whole way to the start point which is more fun.

Once you have crossed the Yerthiganahalli Toll Plaza which is just before the split to the airport, make sure to take the right turn at the split that leads to Nandi hills/Skandagiri.

NOTE: You should double check with the guards few meters before the toll plaza to take the Nandi hills route and not the airport route.

Journey to Skandagiri for the sunrise trek

Since we started early in the morning, we were able to reach Skandagiri within 2 hours from Bangalore. I wouldn’t guarantee the same during the return journey from Skandagiri to Bangalore considering Bangalore’s traffic. Once you get into the Chikkaballapura district, Google maps will take you through the town. Since it will be early in the morning few routes from the town to the trek start point might be deserted and you will definitely be needing a jacket because it will be cold.

Once you reach the start point there will be 2 forest guards who will ask you your online ticket number and the number of people registered on that ticket. Once your ticket number matches with their list you will be allowed inside the forest office premises.

Skandagiri trek start point
Trek start point after entering the premises

What to carry?

  • ID proof
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Torch
    NOTE: You wouldn’t be finding any shops open inside the premises when you start your trek.

Sunrise point at Skandagiri

It takes around 2 hours to trek 5 kms uphill. The trek difficulty level would be easy to moderate. There are many a times you will find clouds covering your feet.

Sunrise at Skandagiri
Sunrise at the viewpoint
Skandagiri view point
The other side from the view point after sunrise

We spent an hour at the sunrise point. Some of my friends even slept on the rocks after the sunrise because of the early morning ride to the hills.

Return Journey after the Skandagiri Sunrise Trek

We took the same route back and had our breakfast at Nandi Upachar which you will find on the way back to Bangalore on the national highway.

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