You are currently viewing Jatayu Earth’s Centre – Unveiling the Greatness of World’s Largest Bird Sculpture
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Jatayu Earth’s Centre – Unveiling the Greatness of World’s Largest Bird Sculpture

On the 2nd day of my Varkala travel started with the excitement of going to the famous Jatayu Earth’s Centre at Chadayamangalam in Kollam. We decided to go on our rented two-wheeler which made the commute much easier compared to taking the bus from Varkala-Paripally-Chadayamangalam followed by a jeep ride to the rock sculpture.

Sign board to Jatayu in Chadayamangalam
How interesting can sign boards be!

What to carry?

We were asked to keep everything we had in hand in the locker next to the ticket counter, excluding our mobile phones and wallets. Bags, drones and water bottles are a strict no-no to the statue. Only parents with kids could carry their bags.

The Four Hills of Jatayu Earth’s Centre

Hill 1: Has the world’s largest bird sculpture with cable car and heli ride facilities.
Note: Rope car for one-person costs Rs.535/- including GST.

Hill 2: This is the place for people seeking adventure like rappelling, paintball, zip lining and much more. They have made trekking shoes compulsory in the adventure zone. I would suggest going as a group for fun activities.
Note: Adventure games for one-person costs Rs.595/- including GST and games are also available in additional cost.

Hill 3: Gives you an opportunity to be a part of forestation, campfire, sky cycle and a place to have moon lit family dinners.

Hill 4: It has Siddha rejuvenation with accommodation facilities in natural caves.

Mighty Jatayu

Timings: 10 am – 9pm

Apart from the sculpture

There are quite a few places which are still under construction which includes the Lord Ram Temple and a 6D museum inside the statue. On our way out we got to experience 12D and there were many other games to engage people.

Play area in Jatayu
One of the indoor play areas in Jatayu

I’d would suggest booking your slots before you plan to visit the Jatayu Earth’s centre because the weekends might be crowded with tourists and field trips from school.

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